SumoSprings Rebel Custom Helper Springs – 2 Piece – Front Axle

SuperSprings Vehicle Suspension – SSF-170-40-2

2,600-lb Capacity. These maintenance-free microcellular urethane springs upgrade your vehicle’s front suspension. Each 2-piece spring connects at top and bottom and provides unlimited suspension travel and movement for a smooth, comfortable ride.

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  • Helper springs upgrade your vehicle’s front suspension for improved driver control and comfort
    • Support heavy front-end loads (like slide-outs) to keep your vehicle level
    • Help to absorb bumps and shocks
    • Minimize sway
  • 2-Piece design provides unlimited suspension travel and movement for a smoother ride when unloaded or on rough terrain
  • Progressive load control – springs compress according to the weight of your cargo
    • Lighter loads – springs compress easily at first for soft engagement and a less bumpy ride
    • Heavier loads – springs compress by as much as 80 percent for support
  • Springs work independently from each other to compensate for off-center loads and reduce body roll during sharp turns
  • Durable microcellular urethane
    • Works in temperatures from -25 F to 200 F
    • Resists damage caused by oils, road salts, and UV rays
  • Minimal lateral expansion – springs expand and compress vertically instead of to the sides so they aren’t easily damaged when operating in tight spaces
  • Maintenance-free – no tubing to run or air pressure to monitor like with air springs
  • Easy, bolt-on installation
  • 2 Jounce-style springs and necessary hardware included
  • Made in the USA



  • Weight capacity (at 50-percent compression): 2,600 lbs
    • SumoSprings will not increase your vehicle’s weight-carrying capacity
  • 2-Year limited warranty


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